2011–2012 Bluebook Report

The Report of the Secretary of the Commonwealth is a document published each January that identifies, "(a) the boards of visitors of all public institutions, and other boards appointed by the Governor; (b) all commissions issued under appointments made by the Governor, except commissions to notaries public; (c) all departments, boards, councils, commissions, and other collegial bodies created in the executive branch of state government; and (d) such other matters as the Governor requires. "

The Report is produced in PDF format only. This provides users with a Web-accessible record that is presented to the Governor and General Assembly annually. There is no charge or fee to access this information.

Report content has been broken into downloadable chapters that are outlined in the table below.  If you wish to search for specific board members please click on the PDF below titled “Full Report”. You may use the Find function to search for board members.

Blue Book Table of Contents

Introductory Section
  Title Page.pdf
  Table of Contents.pdf
  History of the Great Seal.pdf
  Facts on Virginia.pdf
  Executive Branch.pdf
Executive Branch
  Secretary of the Commonwealth.pdf
  Secretary of Administration.pdf
  Secretary of Commerce and Trade.pdf
  Secretary of Education.pdf
  Secretary of Finance.pdf
  Secretary of Health and Human Resources.pdf
  Secretary of Natural Resources.pdf
  Secretary of Public Safety.pdf
  Secretary of Technology.pdf
  Secretary of Transportation.pdf
  Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security.pdf
  Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry.pdf
  Interstate Compacts.pdf
  Designated Boards and Commissions.pdf
  Legislative Branch.pdf
  Election Calendar.pdf
  Judicial Branch.pdf
  Virginia Congressional Delegation.pdf
  Independent Agencies.pdf
  Planning Districts.pdf
  Gubernatorial Documents.pdf
  General Information.pdf
  Full Report.pdf

Bluebook Archives

For more information contact:

Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
Post Office Box 2454
Richmond, Virginia 23218-2454