Conditional Pardons

A conditional pardon is an act by the Governor to modify or end a sentence imposed by the court. The Governor only grants a conditional pardon when there is substantial evidence of extraordinary circumstances to warrant it; such a pardon is not regarded as a substitute judgment for that of the convicting court.

Another form of conditional clemency is a Medical Pardon.The inmate must meet the criteria of being terminally ill, with a life expectancy of three months or less to be considered for medical clemency. Because of this shortened time frame, medical pardons are handled via an expedited process. For information on how to submit a medical pardon petition, please contact our office by email at or by phone at 804-692-2542. 

How to request a Conditional Pardon:

  • Complete the Virginia Pardon Petition Questionnaire
  • As requested on the questionnaire, provide additional information related to your juvenile and adult criminal record, sentencing information, employment history, educational background, military service, community service, as well as the reason you feel the governor should grant you a conditional pardon.
  • If you are a family member, you may file on behalf of a petitioner only with written consent from the petitioner.

You must answer all questions and provide all relevant information necessary for your petition to be reviewed. If a question does not apply, put N/A in the blank.

Documents (or copies of documents) submitted to our office for pardon consideration cannot be copied or returned. For this reason, please be sure to retain copies of all documents sent to our office.

To ensure an accurate petition, it is recommended that you obtain a copy of your criminal history from the Virginia State Police Criminal Records Division prior to submitting a pardon request.

The petition process does not include a hearing, meeting or conference with the petitioner or persons on the petitioner’s behalf.

There is no reliable method of predicting how long a pardon petition investigation will take to complete. The investigation process may take a year or longer.

If a petition is denied, the petitioner cannot appeal the decision but the petitioner may file a new petition two years after the date of the denial letter.

Mailing address:
Pardons Specialist
Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth
Post Office Box 2454
Richmond, Virginia 23218-2454

For additional information, please email our office at or by phone at 804-692-2542