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Learn About Becoming an Electronic Notary

Learn About Becoming an eNotary

In order to be an electronic notary, you must first be a commissioned Virginia notary public. If you are not currently a commissioned notary in Virginia, please complete the application found on the Secretary of Commonwealth's notary website. Once you have received your commission certificate from the circuit court, you can apply to become an electronic notary.

A $45.00 (non-refundable) fee must accompany your Electronic Notary Application, which is submitted via online payment using a Visa, Mastercard or American Express at the end of the online application.


It is important that you are aware of the following information before submitting your application to become an electronic notary public.

It may be helpful for you to re-read pages 6-9 of the Virginia Notary Handbook, and the Electronic Notarization Assurance Standard, which includes the requirements for an electronic stamp/seal, before proceeding with your application.

NOTE: The Electronic Notary Application requires that you provide your notary commission number, a valid email address and your name the way it reads on your current notary commission certificate. If you are unsure of how your current notary commission name reads, email a request to

Pursuant to § 47.1-7 of the Code of Virginia, each applicant to become an Electronic Notary must submit a registration form that includes the following information:

  1. The applicant's full legal and official notary names. 
  2. general description of the technology or technologies the applicant will use to create an electronic signature in performing official acts as an Electronic Notary. The software/hardware vendor you elect to use can assist you by providing this description.
  3. Certification of compliance to the Secretary of the Commonwealth with electronic notary standards developed in accordance with § 47.1-6.1, and
  4. valid email address.

Each applicant must sign the Electronic Notary Application using the electronic signature described in the form, including any decrypting instructions, codes, keys, or software that allow the signature to be read and verified. The notary’s electronic signature bearing the notary’s name must be the same name as shown on the notary’s commission. The Application bearing the electronic notary applicant’s signature must be transmitted electronically to the Secretary of the Commonwealth.

An electronic notary shall use a digital certificate to digitally sign electronic documents requiring notarization.  The notary’s official signature and seal consist of both the digital signature and an image or text on the electronic document that includes the following information:

  1. the electronic notary’s name (as shown on the notary’s commission)
  2. the electronic notary’s registration number
  3. the words “Electronic Notary Public”
  4. the words “Commonwealth of Virginia”
  5. the electronic notary’s commission expiration date. 

If the applicant is approved as an Electronic Notary and adopts different or updated technology to perform electronic acts during the term of the notary’s commission, you must notify the Secretary electronically within 90 days of installation or use of such updated technology or technologies and provide a brief description thereof.

Security And Control Of Electronic Notary Signature

    1. An approved Electronic Notary must take reasonable steps to ensure that any registered device used to create an electronic signature is current and has not been revoked or terminated by the software or hardware vendor providing the electronic signature to the Electronic Notary.
    2. An Electronic Notary must keep his electronic register and electronic signature/seal under his exclusive control and must not allow them to be used by any other notary or any other person. An Electronic Notary may only use his electronic notary signature for performing electronic notarial acts.
    3. If an Electronic Notary discovers that his register, electronic signature, or physical or electronic notary signature or seal has been lost, stolen, or may be otherwise used by a person other than the notary, the Electronic Notary must
      1. inform the appropriate law-enforcement agency in the case of theft or vandalism,
      2. and notify the Secretary of the Commonwealth in writing with the signature of the notary’s official name as it appears on his commission. 

Online eNotary Application

Once you have gathered the data necessary to complete the application, you will find the application by going to:

Application Review Process

The Application process is not complete and your application will not be reviewed for consideration until your Electronic Notary Application, signature page including the electronic notary seal, and payment have been received by the Secretary of the Commonwealth's office.

How we will contact you

If your Application is approved, you will receive an email confirmation.

If your Application is not approved, you will receive an email notice stating the reasons.