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Code of Conduct

Code Of Conduct for Commonwealth Appointees to Boards, Authorities, & Commissions

The success of this and every administration greatly depends on the commitment, expertise, and integrity of the many individuals who are appointed to boards, authorities, and commissions of the Commonwealth by the Governor (“Appointees”).

We are grateful for the important public service provided by Appointees to assist the success of the Commonwealth, and the Governor expects that all Appointees will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Administration’s commitment to serve all Virginians – our 8.6 million customers. 

With the important duties of public service comes important responsibilities, and the effort, conduct and teamwork undertaken by Appointees directly impacts the efficient operation of state government, the public’s trust in its institutions, the state administration, and overall Commonwealth.

Appointees must act with integrity and avoid improper influence as they exercise the duties of their offices.  Every Appointee must be vigilant to avoid voting on matters in which they have a potential conflict of interest, including taking future actions that may create the perception of a conflict in the past.  Appointees should seek guidance from the Office of the Attorney General if they have any questions or concerns regarding conflicts, including acceptance of gifts from interested parties, or any other action that could create the perception of a conflict.

Appointees must behave professionally and respectfully in all interactions with others when performing official business of the Commonwealth.  Appointees must always engage in a civil and collegial manner and refrain from impolite or otherwise offensive or derisive conduct with fellow board members or staff regardless of differences in opinion. 

Appointees shall respect and preserve the confidentiality of information provided to them concerning matters in which they engage on behalf of the Commonwealth.  Appointees are representatives, but not spokespersons, for the Commonwealth and as such should consider whether any remarks would be considered appropriate in the event they are in the public sphere.

Appointees must exhibit common sense regarding behavior and decorum as appointed public officials regardless of location or circumstances, and all Appointees must obey state and federal laws. 

If Appointees do not conduct themselves in accordance with state law, federal law, or this Code of Conduct, they are subject to separation from their position serving in the Administration at the will of the Governor, pursuant to Virginia Code Section 2.2-108.